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GULP Portion Management

GULP Portion Management Limited is a registered company in New Zealand. It has obtained a Certificate of Incorporation under GULP Portion Management Ltd. 

How We Got Started

2012, my partner's Dad had a heart attack. Thankfully, he is alive today. This lead us to the idea for GULP. My partner then decided to change a few things regarding his food intake & fitness.

He undertook a strict regimen of exercise & totally blitzed his diet/nutritional plan. In doing so, we both live a very healthy lifestyle, focusing mainly on food intake & then exercise.

It's time-consuming, especially when you have to weigh every bit of food, down to the gram.

WE found our weekends taken up by meal prep, weighing out portion sizes of vegetables, pasta, rice, salad, meat, fish & chicken for the week ahead. 

After doing research into other companies that might be able to help us out with the preparation of our food, we found there was really no one out there doing this.

When we thought about it, it all made sense. There are lots of other companies out there who can provide pre-packed meals, which are already cooked. However, they may contain ingredients which are not in your food plan.

Secondly, we believe FRESH is best! Our philosophy is that you still need to be involved in the cooking of your food, so you know what you are putting into your body. Mind Over Matter.

The Crew

I'm a mum, daughter, aunty, godmother firstly, then a radio personality. I am also the New Zealand Ambassador for SuzyH Skin Nutrition. I have worked in the radio industry for many years. I have been on TV advertisements, billboards, websites. I have also voiced numerous radio commercials & have been featured in various TV shows. I also have had the privilege to host and MC various events, from Food & Wine Festivals to corporate events & dinners. I have always had an interest in sports & nutrition. I've represented my home town in netball, indoor netball, basketball & soccer.

As I've aged (like a fine wine), I have come to realise that my health has taken top priority — starting from exercise right through to my food intake.

My partner in crime is a qualified personal trainer and builder. We both love to be active. He's a surfer, kite surfer & gym junkie. He is very passionate about his fitness regimen & food intake. Part-time, he has also been featured in various TV ads and shows, websites & was even on the side & back of buses for various Bank campaigns.

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