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Read what clients have to say about what we do at GULP. Residents of Auckland, New Zealand can come to us to take advantage of our services. Contact us today!

GULP Testimonial 

"These guys are awesome! They genuinely care about my food. Very professional. GULP helped me to understand my portion sizes. It's already prepped, weighed ready to cook. No stressing out or spending 6-7 hours on a Sunday trying to do my food for the week. AND it's FRESH. No more frozen prep cooked meals! I actually enjoying cooking again! 5x Stars. Keep up the good work p.s did I mention I'm saving money too!"

GULP Testimonial 

"Excuse me because I have to take a hot second here to genuinely appreciate the two amazing people that make up Gulp Portion. I'm going through a bit of a transitional phase at the moment & it's taken a bit of a toll on my ol' body & these two have been nothing less than kind, encouraging & supportive. Going out of their way to drop off this adorable care package & coming to check up on me! THESE are the kinds of people you need around you & on your side during a prep. They make sure I eat exactly what I'm suppose to every week, they're actually genuinely interested in your progress & they are there supporting my mentality as well. So thankful I can't even express."

Jaz Garrett-Dalton - April 2018 


GULP Testimonial 

“I can’t say enough about GULP. From the first chat we had about what I wanted to achieve, the on-going support through-out the last year and the positive encouragement I’ve received."

"I’ve lost over 30kgs and have more time, not to mention energy than ever before!

The time saved by not having to worry about what I’m having for my next meal? Do I have everything I need at home? Do I need to stop at the supermarket on the way home? All these questions are already answered and the flexibility that GULP offer too, is unbelievable – I had to go away, at short notice and GULP easily worked around my schedule. It really felt like they were traveling with me."

"All my life, I’ve always had issues with weight control but am feeling really confident because this time I have something else … knowledge. It’s such an easy way of injecting time back into my busy schedule and gaining back some control in my life. Also learning and understanding my portion sizes and what I’m putting back into my body."

"With the unconditional support of GULP, Ivanka and Dylan, my life has truly changed for the better."

Jules McPherson – November 2017

GULP Testimonial 

"GULP has given me the time back I didn't realize I was missing. I used to really dread coming home after a long day, having to prepare, weigh and pack my meals. Now that the stress of preparation has been taken away my days are so much easier. I'm provided with fresh food specified to my nutritional needs. As an athlete it has been such an advantage having the support of GULP. I've found that I even have time now to enjoy some of the simplest things in life, like going for a walk."

Katie Rihipera - QueenKatiet #1NZ 51kg Amateur Boxer - October 2017

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